Residencia Artistas Laboratorio del Eco


English - Spanish




4 weeks

Paid by artist

Participant fee: $1,200 USD solo project. $1,800 duo.

The fee includes

- Accommodation in a private loft.

-Use of all our spaces for your creative work. 

-Use of equipment.

-Induction class.


Application guidelines

Laboratorio del Eco accepts applications from international working contemporary artists of living arts disciplines (such as sound art, music, dance, performance, poetry, acting, etc.)


We accept proposals throughout the year. 

You must submit your proposal 2 months prior to your desired start date.

Apply now.


Our residency aims to provide a space of creative research and artwork development, and you'll be invited to present your work at our Sesiones del Eco. Depending on the nature of your project, we can also put you in contact/help you organise other events in Chile. We are particularly interested in projects that have a practical & experimental approach that engages critically with topics such as technology & ecology, the science/art dialogue, body & language, the social/natural environment of Valparaiso.

Our facilities have an emphasis on sound-based work and we also welcome and host other approaches.

About Us

Laboratorio del Eco produces unique art experiences such as concerts, exhibitions and immersive experiences

with technologies including 3D sound spatialization, data sonification, generative & algorithmic art. 

We also do workshops and host regular “sesiones del eco” events providing a meeting space in Valparaiso for audiences and artists to share.




The accomodation  is a private loft/studio with kitchen, bathroom, and bed for 2.

The audio studio is over the corridor from the accomodation. It is mainly for sound design and can be setup for experimentation with audio spatialisation.
We have equipment such as field recorders, condenser microphones, midi controllers, synthesisers, piano and many other things. You can ask for the use of any of these. However this will be evaluated case by case. We can provide extra classes for the use of certain equipment if needed.

The brook is the garden space outside the accomodation and studio. It can be used for experimentation and video performance.

Our listening room is situated at Galeria Municipal de Valparaiso and hosts a stereo audio system, dynamic microphones, audio mixer, a few lights, light mixer, a USB/DMX control interface, among other equipment. It can host small concerts of up to 40 people.

In this space you can also do DIY projects that involve soldering or other elements and components and be used for rehearsals and experimentation.

For special events we can expand the stereo system and/or make use of the other spaces of the Galeria.

We have a partnership with the space Sala de Maquinas in Santiago to present works there.